Copernicus (2012)

by Alabaster dePlume

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Alabaster deplume
The Good Book of No

After the crater, Copernicus is named for the presence of an absence, on the moon’s face; a face timeless in beauty, that is made out of scars.

Material written in isolation in a cabin in Dartmoor, is performed with live improvisation, spontaneous choral backing, and theatrical poetic delivery set in a perfectly prepared musical bed. Sound and song serve to focus sharply on the point of lyrical delivery, in a word-based musical collection, reminiscent of Ivor Cutler, that has been described as "harrowingly funny."

With dramatic monologues punctuating blissfully lilting instrumental landscapes, Alabaster means to have his audience disgusted, and delighted, and as doubtful of the distinction between the two, as possible.

Producer Paddy Steer’s own compassion is audible, in his triumph in capturing tone, atmosphere, communication and character alike, on analogue tape. The fine piano accompaniment of John Ellis glistens throughout and elevates the somewhat unusual material from captivating to sublime.

A performance poet, singer, composer and saxophonist with Liz Green and Honeyfeet, Alabaster has extended the breadth of his skills into the comically bewildered depths of himself, in a hope to reach others, with a record crafted meticulously over a period of two years. With methods centered around the personalities of those involved, the resulting piece means to focus on the interaction of people in the creative process, of a work that has us consider our acceptance, and enjoyment, of the distance between one another.


released May 21, 2012


Ríoghnach Connolly - Backing, Flute
Alabaster dePlume - Vocal, Tenor Sax, Acoustic Guitar
Ellis Davies - Electric Guitar
John Ellis - Piano
Jessica Macdonald - Cello
Hannah Miller - Cello
Biff Roxby - Backing, Bass Trombone
Paddy Steer - Percussion, Bass Pedals

Recorded at Limefield Studios (and Iron Mountain) by Paddy Steer, with John Ellis and Gus Fairbairn.
'Sorry' and 'As Once I Was' recorded by David Schelchtriemen and Gus Fairbairn
Mastered by George Atkins

Written by Gus Fairbairn, save 'O, Thou Silent Autumn Night,' by Alexandrov.
Arranged by Gus Fairbairn, save 'Song of the Foundling' arranged with Biff Roxby, and 'I Hope', arranged with Ellis Davies.

Cover artwork by Lee Gallagher
Portrait photo by Elle Brotherhood


all rights reserved



Alabaster dePlume London, UK

This fluid live music performance reassures with behaviour and sound while it challenges with thoughts and words.
“Totally unique… Very, very brilliant indeed” – Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3
“A reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be” – Laura Barton, The Guardian
“Majesty” – Q Magazine
“Takes the biscuit” – DJ Magazine
“Mercurial Delights” – Clash Music
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Track Name: I Don't Know
Long days
But worthy days
They tell me so
But in the quiet darkness
I don't know

By your eyes
What see you there
Is it my soul
Or else the empty heavens
I don't know

None do I bemoan
None do I scold
Nor hand I hold
Should I be feeling sorry
I don't know

Sweet is your song,
Your playful song
The answer's, 'No'
You ask me why that is, and
I don't know

Long, they call
And longer so
Than shadows grow
But how long they will,
My brother,
I don't know
Track Name: Song of the Foundling
Track Name: My Curmudgeon
You look around
And there's your friend
Tied neatly in love
All full of rags
And himself

The daylight a halo
Upon our secret-agent-of-the-heart
In his wankstain goatee

And the Lord said
"Let there be lepers"
I know your tricks;
You want to be happy
You want to be a shadow;
You want to be a good memory

Christ above, the cunts
They want to understand life!
Well, there's a hole in the wall
For you to fall in,
Yes there is

You won't find pleasure
Until you've given up on joy.
Eat those tears, if you're really fucking hungry.

And don't insult me
With the notion of 'worthwhile' -
Only the best,
The very best,
Will do, here

Dream yourself shitless while you
Still have an anus to be embarrassed with,
I didn't call you 'Asshole' for nothing
When I saw you cower, like
A man in power

Those nightmares will never forgive you
For waking up
So full of yourself with pain
And horror

You tit.

Love came back to haunt you
Insults are your only friends now
You know the blood be bubbling
And the crows be croaking
When you see it die
With your own sorry, sorry eyes

Did they never tell you
That you don't have a heart
Until it's broken

The wind almost a sigh, she looked down
And fiddled with narcotics
Bad brew, and a window
Of soot

An uwed widow
All early-mourning and ready
For a lashing
Of the long-taut spirit

She was the beauty
That stopped the breeze
And she stared solemnly
At her trembling fingers
Black-clad and bonny
And a long, cold silence

As still as a corpse in a wire
She did allow
Only the sunlight
Its tepid warmth

And only the gob-stains
Their Godless pride
Until the day
Gave up waiting
To breathe
Track Name: Visit Croatia
Track Name: Eating My Heart
I have eaten my heart

Yes, there's a new
Black hole
To look into now

I have eaten
My heart

What jaws I have
What guts

And the teeth!
You would give
All your life
For the teeth I have
In my skull

I have eaten
My heart

And you
You point that burger at me!
What the wet lettuce

I have eaten my HEART

How do you suppose
And artery sounds
When depart the parts
That I had
O, I had
And I have eaten

You know,
The thing
I believe

Even as it joined
My intestine
Track Name: Sorry
My dear friends
They are laughing
Certainly, they are laughing
But they are sorry

I smile for them
But they are sorry

They smile for me
But they are sorry

Why are they always so sorry?

They have forgiven each other
But they are still sorry

The love one-another
And they have one-another
But they are still

And now I see
Even the strangers
And yes!
My enemies are sorry

Can I,
Even my self
Be so sorry?

It all has been sorry
For a long, sorry time

I haven't yet heard any kind
Of apology
Track Name: As Once I Was
There they will be
As once I was
As once
I was?

On the rotten longing
And the wronging long forgotten
On the dross

Hope that want that wants wants
As once I was

And as they do
And as they mean to do
And as I was once wont to, too

What one wants and
What one once was wanting
-And what wanting was-

On the rotten longing
On the wronging long forgotten
-What wanting was-

Garrot the lot

Not forgot, but lost
The loss?
The lot

What once I would have had to have got

Which was
While the while
One day
Will be


A swan's eye
A song's cry
A solemn sigh
As once I
Track Name: O, Thou Silent Autumn Night
O, thou silent autumn night
Night of loneliness

Not a single star
In the autumn skies
Track Name: Dear Soul
La la la la la la la la la
Track Name: Hold the Night
There, the snow
The gore is song
That the crow
Descends upon,
Here, the coal
A dream in white
While they hold the night

Hold the night
The night has gone
Hold the air for song
The blossoms fall
The briars grown
And the birds
Are singing, 'No'

They return,
Return to one
And to none
Do they belong
Sorrows dance
A cold delight
While they hold the night

Hold the night
The night has gone
Hold the ocean's tongue
The flames are drowned
The feast is done
And the crows
Are singing, 'On'

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